A SnowPORTant Mission

On February 1, 2019 our Communications Officer joined Chris Alek, a City snow plow operator for the past 17 years. Watch snow plow operations in the country here:


Winter Control Activities

Special Weather Statement - February 22, 2019

Damaging winds with gusts up to 90 to 110 km/h are expected to develop Sunday afternoon after the passage of a sharp cold front. Areas near Great Lakes are more likely to experience winds at the higher end of this range. The strong winds will persist through Sunday night and gradually weaken on Monday.

Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. Power outages are also possible.

In addition, flurries and blowing snow will develop Sunday afternoon. Local snowfall amounts in the 2 to 5 cm range are possible by Monday morning. More importantly, any fresh snow that falls will be whipped up by the very strong winds creating whiteout conditions at times.

Visibility may be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero making travel hazardous.

To stay up to date on any WindPORTant and/or SnowPORTant Updates, visit http://portcolborne.ca/page/winter_control_activities

Winter Control Activities - February


Residents are reminded that during winter weather conditions, pushing or blowing snow and ice onto or across public roadways creates an unsafe situation for drivers. Residents can assist in the efficiency of the operation by not parking vehicles on roadways during winter control activities

Section 181, Highway Traffic Act - "No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road"

If you notice poor or dangerous street conditions, please forward this to our staff at the City Works Yard at (905) 835-5079 and your concerns will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Your Cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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