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The Online Exhibit

     This portion of our museum website is dedicated to honouring 50 years of the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.  The Seaway and, in particular, the Welland Canal have been vital aspects in creating and sustaining the industry and commerce in the area. 

     Here you may view photographs ranging from the Welland Canal's creation to its local use and areas you may recognize that surround the Welland Canal.  The above photograph of East Street was taken from West street across the Canal.  This photograph is similar to many you may see while exploring the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum's Half a Century: Online Exhibit, as all of our photographs come straight from our collection, many donated by local photographers and never before released to the public.  Each of the photos you will find in our exhibit will come with detailed information, so you may learn a bit more about Port Colborne's local history while you enjoy the beautiful sights that the area has to offer.

     There are four sections to our picture database located below.  You may select one to view that catagory and return to the main menu at anytime to view another.

 Enjoy as you journey through the life and times of the Welland Canal.


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