Fire & Emergency Services

Port Colborne Fire & Emergency


3 Killaly Street West
Port Colborne, Ontario
L3K 6H1
T: 905-834-4512
F: 905-835-1020

 The Department is responsible for providing fire protection to the City of over 19,000 residents and 51 square miles, as well as participating in the Regional Mutual Aid System. The Department has a very active Fire Prevention/Public Education Program that uses all of the Departments Human Resources.

The Department is dispatched by the City of St. Catharines Fire Department in conjunction with Regional wide enhanced 911 system.  Our Fire Service responded to 1118 calls in 2018.

Contact Information:

Fire Chief
Thomas Cartwright
Email the Fire Chief

Deputy Fire Chief
Scott Lawson 
Email the Deputy Fire Chief

Fire Prevention Officer
Charles Turpin

Email the Fire Prevention Officer

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
Catherine Moyer
Email the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief 


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Important Safety Bulletins


On November 10, 2016, Kidde Nighthawk and Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms were recalled, please click here for pertinent information.

Kidde Recalls Residential Smoke Alarms and Combination Smoke/CO Alarms

On October 2, 2014, the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management announced that Kidde was recalling residential smoke alarms and combination smoke/CO alarms.

For more information on this issue and to view model numbers and pictures of the recalled alarms, please click on Communique No. 2014-16.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Fire Department has been receiving requests for information about the Emerald Ash Borer and transporting Ash trees to the Landfill Site.  For additional information please go to and go to "Current Areas Regulated for EAB" to show the areas designated as regulated areas for the Emerald Ash Borer.

20 Pound Propane Cylinders Cause Safety Concerns

On April 1, 2010, the Office of the Fire Marshal was called to investigate an explosion at a propane filling and distribution centre in Smithville, Ontario.  Although the investigation is on-going, a safety issue was identified involving 20 pound propane barbeque-type cylinders.  These propane cylinders are available to the public at cylinder exchange facilities and are identified on the label with Tank Traders/Superior Propane.

View the safety notice issued by the Office of the Fire Marshal

For more information on this issue, please click on the Safety Order FS-179-10

ProCom Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace System - Not Approved For Sale In Canada - DO NOT INSTALL - There are no vent free natural gas or propane fireplace systems or heaters approved for sale in Canada. 

 View the ProCom Installation manual

Please refer to our Fire Prevention and Public Education Section - Safety Tips for additional information with regards to the approval labels you should be looking for when purchasing gas fired appliances.  

Flying Lanterns Pose a Potential Fire Hazard

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) has recently been made aware of the existence of a consumer product that poses a serious fire safety hazard. The Flying Lantern (also known as a sky lantern) is currently being sold by Canadian online distributors of fireworks products and at retail stores.

Flying Lanterns

The product resembles a small paper hot-air balloon, fuelled by an open flame. When released, the hot air produced by the fuel source can lift the lantern to extreme heights and allows it to drift for long distances until the fuel is depleted. These lanterns are often released in large numbers to generate an impressive visual effect.

The Office of the Fire Marshal has learned that, due to their uncontrolled and unpredictable flight path, they can land on trees, building rooftops, or other combustible properties while still ignited and potentially cause a fire. There have also been reports of lantern releases near airports causing lengthy flight delays. Concerns regarding the lanterns have resulted in this product being banned in certain parts of Asia.

The Office of the Fire Marshal has written to Health Canada's Consumer Product Safety Bureau to request that it take the necessary actions to prevent this product from being sold in Canada. In the meantime, our Fire Department is cautioning members of our community about the potential fire hazards associated with the Flying Lantern. Retailers who sell this product should also be encouraged to remove it from their store shelves.

For enquiries regarding the Flying Lantern and potential fire hazards, please contact fire prevention officer CHARLES TURPIN telephone at 905-834-4512.


Fire Department

The Fire Department apparatus consists of two (2) Engines, one (1) Rescue, one (1) 2000 Gallon Tanker/Pumper, one (1) 75' Ladder Truck, one (1) Squad, a Fire Prevention Torrent, a GMC Terrain currently driven by the Deputy Fire Chief and a Dodge Ram Pick-up Truck currently being used by the Fire Chief.  Take a look at Port Colborne's Fire Apparatus

 Composition of Department   

  • Fire Chief

  • Deputy Fire Chief

  • Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Fire Prevention Officer

  • 4 Full-time Captains

  • 8 Full-time Fire Fighters

  • Volunteer Officers

  • 37 Volunteer Fire Fighters                                        

Our Fire Service is a Composite Department.  What that means is that we have Full-time Fire Fighters, as well as Volunteer Fire Fighters "Proudly Protecting People and Property" within the City of Port Colborne. 


Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services is regulated by By-law No. 6606/61/18 click here to review; making up part of this By-law is the Department's Strategic Plan. 

2016 Summer camp


The ranks of Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services grew by a few dozen extra Volunteers the week of August 8, 2016, although the new recruits were much younger than typical fire fighters.

Children from Port Colborne Wainfleet Community Living’s summer camp spent Monday, Wednesday and Friday practising a few of the skills fire fighters use to save lives.



2017 Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruit Class

 2017 Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruit Class