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The City of Port Colborne is looking to gather feedback to continually improve our customer service delivery.
The information provided in this survey will help the City modernize our service delivery and improve our front line service to you, our residents and visitors.
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Customer Service - "5C" Service Program

To assist in the implementation of the City's policy on accountability and transparency, a program labelled "5C Service" will be implemented as follows:

"5C" Service Program:  An Overview

"5C" Service is quality, efficient, effective and courteous service to: 1) our Customers, 2) our Clients, 3) our Citizens, 4) our Councillors, and 5) our Co-workers.  The residents, visitors, councillors and fellow employees of Port Colborne have a right to be treated with sincere respect, receive appropriate competent assistance, and know that they will be treated fairly and equitably, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, gender or sexual orientation.

The City of Port Colborne supports the concept that local governments should be focused on creating and maintaining a workforce culture that fosters a positive and dynamic "5C" Service mindset.  Consequently, the City of Port Colborne is dedicated and committed to enhancing the quality of life in Port Colborne by providing "Exceptional "5C" Service" in response to the needs of everyone who lives, works and visits our City. 

Our mission says it all:  "Serving you to create an even better community".

"5C" Service Standards

With each employee assuming responsibility for providing exceptional service, the City can better accomplish its goals of providing the best service for residents and the broader community.

The expectation for "Exceptional "5C" Service" is for the City to deliver efficient and effective services until the needs of the constituent members have been satisfied within reason and within City policies and procedures. This type of service means giving our target constituent service group:

·       Responsive and timely service;

·       Courteous and helpful service;

·       Consistent and dependable service;

·       Action to resolve concerns, problems and complaints;

·       Correct information;

·       Suggestions and available resource information.

Review the complete "5C" Service Program