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Please contact the City Clerk's Division with questions, comments and concerns regarding the Municipal Election.

Telephone: 905-835-2900

Email: election@portcolborne.ca


Election Signs

The Municipal Elections Act does not address where campaign signs may be located or when they may be erected. Sign regulation falls under the jurisdiction of:

View maps detailing the jurisdiction of roads within Port Colborne: 

Details of the City of Port Colborne’s Election Sign By-law #4879/104/06 include:

It is the Candidate's responsibility to ensure that campaign workers are in compliance with the Sign By-law. 

      • no permits are required by the City of Port Colborne for the erection of any election sign
      • election signs shall not:
        • have flashing lights or rotating parts
        • be illuminated
        • simulate any traffic control device
      • election signs (including posters and placards) cannot be placed on the premises or on a vehicle that is parked on any premises of a polling location on voting day (including advance polls)
      • no person shall display the City of Port Colborne logo, crest or seal, in whole or in part, on any election sign
      • election signs cannot be erected until the close of nominations (July 28, 2018)
      • candidates may erect elections signs on campaign headquarters once the candidate has filed nomination papers and paid the required filing fee
      • all candidates are responsible for the removal of election signs no later than 48 hours following voting day


Election Signs on Private Property:

      • election signs cannot be placed on or removed from private property without consent from the property owner
      • the City of Port Colborne or any of its municipal servants, employees or agents will not be responsible for investigating or prosecuting for any acts of vandalism to elections signs
      • no election sign on private property shall exceed 3.0m2 (32.3 ft2) with the exception of those placed on billboard signs
      • no election signs shall be placed closer than 3 metres (9.84 feet) to a private drive


Election Signs on Public Property: 

      • election signs cannot be placed on City-owned property including parkland, buildings and facilities
      • election signs cannot be located within 2 metres (6.5 feet) of the travelled portion of a road allowance, including on the gravel shoulder
      • election signs erected on City road allowances cannot  be placed adjacent to a municipal park or facility owned by the City, cannot exceed 1.0m2 (10.8ft2) size, cannot be located within 15 metres (49.2 ft.) from intersections, cannot be affixed to traffic controls, guard rails, light standards, bridges, medians etc.
      • no election signs shall be erected or installed so as to impede or hinder a view of a public highway or railway crossing
      • a municipal law officer may act against any signs or practices which are in violation of this by-law